The Studio

Studio Griffiths is an interior design practice based in Melbourne, Australia.

Studio Griffiths was founded under a clear and simple philosophy. We believe that simplicity, style and elegance is the signature of the most successful design ideas. Our designs evolve taking an uncomplicated approach with a view to achieving harmony in perfect tune with our client’s needs. We are unafraid to push the boundaries with our designs and often blend styles to create spaces that are timeless. We immerse ourselves in the language of design and seek what’s new and innovative, creating spaces that brings joy. Our attention to detail means our clients receive only the finest designs.



The Team

Gillianne Griffiths
Creative Director

The finest interior spaces have all elements working in perfect harmony. This gives Gillianne a clear advantage – with a Masters in music, majoring in conducting, the Melbourne-based interior designer creates effortless, sophisticated spaces that are carefully composed and in perfect tune with her client’s needs.

Gillianne’s love of music is only one expression of her creative spirit. With a great love of interior design and architecture, it was a natural step for Gillianne to follow this career path, launching her own practice, Studio Griffiths, in June 2014.

Gillianne’s beautifully composed designs are the result of her immersed industry knowledge and creative sensibilities. Like an orchestral conductor, her great sense of harmony creates only the finest results.

Studio Griffiths Team

A highly experienced team supports Gillianne with skills across all stages of projects in single and multi residential environments.